Achieve consistent trading success.

Trading Planner empowers you to develop your trading strategy and master disciplined trading.

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With Trading Planner, You will...

Find the right strategy

Take control of your trading activity by gaining a clear overview of your strategies and comparing their performance.

Stop loosing your money

Keep your losses under control and let the system validate your plan and warn you if you are about to exceed your risk limit.

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Stay in control of your investments

Analyze your portfolio performance over time and make informed decisions with ease.

Three simple steps to successful trading with Trading Planner


Define your strategy

Success in the markets is no accident—plan for it with a well-crafted trading approach. Define precise entry and exit points, strategically manage risks, and set clear profit targets. Master the art of trading with a winning strategy.


Plan and execute trades

Plan and execute trades strategically for disciplined, emotion-free, consistent trading. Let Trading Planner empower you to trade with clarity, confidence, and a systematic approach for improved outcomes.


Watch your profits grow

Analyze and optimize your strategy consistently to maximize profits, minimize risks, adapt to markets, and make informed decisions. Leverage the benefits of performance analysis to elevate the profitability of your trading endeavors.

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Trading Planner will help you...

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We believe you deserve consistent profits, generated through your trading activity.

Unleash Your trading potential by overcoming emotional barriers

Have you ever felt like emotions would hinder your trading success?

 In a volatile and unpredictable market, it’s easy to make decisions based on fear and greed rather than logic and strategy. But it’s time to break free from these emotional barriers.

Say goodbye to the fear of missing out that often drives impulsive trading decisions.

We provide you with a simple yet powerful tool to approach trading strategically. It’s essential to recognize that trading should be a rational and disciplined activity, not a gamble. You deserve to succeed as a trader by following your own rules and strategies.

The market takes an unexpected turn, and your carefully laid-out plans go astray?

It’s in these moments that self-doubt creeps in, making you question if you’ll ever achieve your trading goals. Feelings of guilt and shame may arise for not sticking to your plan, wasting both time and money. It’s time to regain control and build confidence in your abilities.

Embrace a strategic approach that empowers you to navigate market volatility and unpredictability with confidence.

Together, we’ll provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your trading goals. Your journey towards trading success starts here, where emotions take a backseat and strategic decision-making leads the way.

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What do professional investors and traders say?

Discipline is the bridge between poor trading and pro trading.
Meghana V Malkan
The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.
Victor Sperandeo
An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.
Warren Buffett

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